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Substation West Tyrol

Situated in the municipality of Haiming, the West Tyrol substation is part of the western operating region and comprises a 380-kV switching station and a 220-kV switching station. The substation acts as a support centre for the maintenance personnel working on substations throughout the Tyrol as well as their allocated area of the grid which stretches from Gerlos Pass to Bürs. The substation’s 220-kV switching station was commissioned in 1964 and was subsequently extended in 1974 to include the 380-kV switching station. Connecting the two voltage levels is a grid coupling transformer which has been in operation since 1974. 

The West Tyrol substation uses grid coupling transformers to feed electricity into the Tyrolean distribution grid. In addition, the APG substation helps to convey some of the power from the Prutz/Kaunertal and Silz/Küthai power plants into the transmission grid. The 380-kV and 220-kV high-voltage lines provide an interconnection to Germany and Switzerland. 

The substation is also the base for an overhead line team whose role is to manage the high-voltage overhead lines in the region, ensure that they are operating properly as well as to carry out maintenance work and remedy any faults. 

Substation West Tyrol  

Wiesrainstraße 22 

6430 Haiming, Austria 




The Haiming site regularly trains apprentices as technicians as part of a combined electrical engineering/metalworking programme. The apprenticeship lasts four years. 


Apprenticeship in West Tyrol/Haiming

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