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Pongau substation

The newly constructed 380/220/110/30-kV Pongau substation is part of the Salzburg line. Through the connection to the pumped storage power plants in Kaprun, it also makes a significant contribution to the success of the energy transition in addition to ensuring a secure supply of electricity in Austria.

In progress

New construction of 380/220/110/30 kV Pongau substation as part of the Salzburg line

APG will build a 380/220/110-kV substation (“Pongau”) in the municipality of St. Johann in Pongau (directly adjacent to the existing Pongau substation of Salzburg Netz GmbH and the Arthurwerk substation of Netz Oberösterreich GmbH). In particular, the project will involve constructing a 380-kV GIS switching station, two 380/220-kV transformers – as coupling points between the 380-kV grid and the 220-kV grid to support the Weißenbach switching station – and two 380/110-kV transformers to support Salzburg Netz GmbH’s distribution grid.  

The Salzburg line’s 380-kV System 456 transmission line, which comes from the Salzburg substation and continues to the Kaprun substation, will be connected to the Pongau substation. In addition, two 220-kV System 221 and 222 lines leading to the Weißenbach substation in Styria will be connected to the 220-kV Pongau–Weißenbach line. The 380/110-kV transformers will be connected to Salzburg Netz GmbH’s 110-kV system at the Pongau substation via 110-kV cable systems.

The space available for construction of the systems is only 8,520 m². Therefore, the project will have to be planned extremely precisely.

In future, the Pongau substation will serve as an additional feed-in point for the distribution grid of Salzburg Netz GmbH, thus increasing the secure supply of electricity in the region. In addition, it is an important part of the east-west connection in the APG grid and connects the Enns Valley line coming from the Weißenbach substation to the pumped storage power plants in Kaprun. This enables the supraregional distribution and use of renewable energy (e.g. wind power from the east of Austria).

Contact person


Andreas Sommer

Project lead

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

Phone +43 664 8285162 Email

Fritz Wöber

Project communication

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

Phone +436648286656 Email
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