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High Voltage Tower at sunset

Digital Grid

Sensors and calculation models support the optimal utilization of our transmission wires

In progress

From 80 to 100 percent renewable electricity generation

The digitalization of assets will play an important role in facilitating 100 percent electricity generation from renewables. In addition to grid expansion, APG is therefore implementing a variety of measures to operate the existing transmission grid as efficiently as possible. APG groups all these initiatives together in the category “Digital Grid”. The aim is to know the status quo of the transmission grid as precisely as possible and in real time. To this end, status data of the transmission lines (e.g., pylon tilt, oscillations, vibrations, rope temperature, current, voltage, sag, icing, etc.) are measured and analyzed with sensors. Based on these data, a digital image of APG's transmission grid is created, which serves as the basis to optimized grid utilization. Furthermore, these data are incorporated into planning and operating phases in order to optimize line utilization and increase personal and operational safety.

Watch the video for further information on “Digital Transmission” (German only):

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