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Weibern switching station

With the new construction of the 220-kV Weibern switching station, APG is ensuring a secure power supply for the region. In addition, the substation enables better integration and distribution of renewables in APG's power grid - a significant contribution to the energy transition.


New construction of 220-kV Weibern switching station

Due to the fact that the Aschach power plant on the Danube is currently looped into the 220-kV Ernsthofen–St. Peter line via a single system only (specifically, between the St. Peter substation and the Hausruck substation), any line failures will result in considerable power losses along the transport route from the St. Peter substation to the Hausruck substation, including failure of the connection to the Aschach power plant on the Danube.

To take the pressure off this vulnerable point and increase line availability, a new switching station needs to be built in the vicinity of the loop-in to the Aschach power plant on the Danube. The planned switching station will ensure a switchable connection for both systems (203A/B and 204A/B). In the event of line failure, the affected line branch can be taken offline and the other systems can remain in operation. 

29.8 Mio.

euro Total investment volume


items 220-kV switchgear panels

Contact person


Thomas Gattringer

Project lead

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

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Mara Schwarz-Mitrovic

Project communication

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

Phone +43 664 828 69 89 Email
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