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Southeast Vienna substation

The Southeast Vienna substation plays a central and important role in the secure supply of electricity in Austria. In order to meet the requirements of the energy future, the 380-kV switching station will be gradually upgraded.

In progress

Upgrading the first section of the 380-kV switching station

The existing 380-kV switching station at the Southeast Vienna substation was built gradually in several stages starting in 1984. Due to increased operational requirements, it is now necessary to upgrade the existing 380-kV switching station.

Refurbishment of the 380-kV switching station will have to be made step-by-step due to the size of the system as well as operational requirements relating to the availability of equipment and nature conservation restrictions aimed at maintaining the gopher population living at the plant site.

In the first stage of construction, it will be necessary to add three switchgear panels to the 380-kV switching station. Systems 501 and 503 of the 380-kV Vienna Southeast – South line, which is owned by Wiener Netze GmbH, will be rerouted to the extension area in this context. Once the lines have been dug up and upgraded, they will be utilised to integrate the 380-kV Vienna Southeast – Simmering line (Systems?500 and 502) owned by Wiener Netze GmbH.

The third switchgear panel in the refurbishment area will be built to serve as a backup panel and will be subsequently needed to connect temporary facilities and to replace components that have to be disconnected in connection with the system upgrade.

10 Mio.

euro Total investment volume




items 380-kV switchgear panels

Contact person


Christoph Guldner

Project lead

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

Phone +43 664 394 88 32 Email
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Mara Schwarz-Mitrovic

Project communication

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

Phone +43 664 828 69 89 Email
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