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Giant Solar Flares. Sun producing super-storms and massive radiation bursts

Solar storms and their impact on the power grid

Why we should keep an eye on the Earth's magnetic field

In progress

Solar storms can have a massive impact on the security of the electricity supply

A solar storm is a disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field. This disturbance is triggered by mass eruptions on the sun, which hurl charged particles towards the earth. This change in the magnetic field induces an electric field in the conductive earth.

As part of several research and innovation projects, a measurement system for recording the effects of solar storms has been developed in addition to a comprehensive platform for better understanding the effects of solar storms on the electricity grid. These efforts are important as solar storms can jeopardise the electricity grid. Austria is thus prepared for a possible emergency.

A more detailed description of the activities can be found in the video or in the  broschure, which is linked below the video.

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Philipp Schachinger

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien


Georg Achleitner

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

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