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Ernsthofen substation

The Ernsthofen substation is one of the largest and most important grid nodes for the Austrian electricity supply in the APG grid, where important supraregional and regional supply lines meet. The replacement of the 220-kV switching station will make the Ernsthofen substation fit for the future.

In progress

New construction to replace the 220-kV switching station at the Ernsthofen substation

The Ernsthofen substation, which is owned by APG, is one of the largest and most important network nodes in APG’s high-voltage and ultra-high voltage transmission grid. It secures the supply to wide areas in Lower Austria and Upper Austria (Amstetten/Steyr/Wels) as well as in the central region of Upper Austria and Linz (e.g. steel production). Furthermore, it also plays an essential role supra-regionally for the secure supply of electricity and the success of the energy transition throughout Austria.

The existing 220-kV switching station at the Ernsthofen substation acts as a connection point for essential 220-kV transmission lines within Austria. The switching station represents an especially important system for managing grid operations as it connects to the trans-regional, 380-kV transmission network, which it accomplishes via two 380/220-kV grid-coupling transformers.

The 110-kV switching station at the Ernsthofen substation, which is fed from the 220-kV transmission grid via five 220/110-kV grid-coupling transformers, serves to directly supply the 110-kV grid of Netz Niederösterreich GmbH (NEEY grid area in western Lower Austria). It also supplies the Steyr (OÖEH in Upper Austria/Ernsthofen) and Linz grid areas of Netz Oberösterreich GmbH and Linz Netz GmbH, which are connected via APG’s transmission line systems.

The existing 220-kV switching station has reached the end of its useful life. It was built in the 1940s and last (partially) renovated in the 1980s. It is therefore planned to completely rebuild the 220-kV switching station to improve system availability. The rebuild will involve adding a 220/110-kV RHU6 grid-coupling transformer, a 220-kV PST22 phase-shifting transformer and a 220-kV capacitor battery (C-battery) to the 220-kV switching station.

Project ticker

All current information about the project at a glance.

Project ticker

All current information about the project at a glance.

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Update 15.06.2023

Construction progress

With a 150 million euro boost from Austrian Power Grid, the Ernsthofen substation is preparing for the future: New transformers, more power - everything for a future-proof power supply!

150 Mio.

euro Total investment volume




items 220-kV switchgear panels

The refurbishment will additionally involve building a new storage hall, two warehouse buildings, space to set up a mobile emergency power generator and a waste collection point protected by a jutting roof. 

The fence enclosing the substation will be completely rebuilt. 

Load flow reactors will be set up in a separate fenced-in area designated for that purpose outside the substation enclosure to the north-east of the 110-kV switching station. 

Contact person


Jürgen Pilgerstorfer

Project lead

Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD-Tower)
1220 Wien

Phone +43 664 883 42 732 Email
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