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Mission statement

APG is the control area manager and independent transmission system operator of Austria’s extra-high voltage transmission grid: As the control area manager, APG is responsible for controlling load frequency in the APG control area. In its role as the transmission system operator, it is obliged to operate and maintain the power grid safely, reliably and efficiently, taking into account environmental considerations and to expand line capacities based on demand. APG is aware of its responsibility as an operator of critical infrastructure to ensure a secure energy supply. APG’s mission statement summarises its objectives as well as its understanding of the company’s role. 

Electricity keeps Austria going, and APG keeps electricity going

A well-functioning electricity supply is the lifeblood of the country. As a transmission system operator, APG plays a significant part in ensuring that Austria has an uninterrupted supply of electricity. In future as well, APG wants to be a reliable partner that helps Austria continue to flourish as a place to live and conduct business. 

APG’s points of view

The energy future belongs to renewables 

APG is responsible for the secure and sustainable supply of electricity in Austria, both now and for future generations. This responsibility involves doing everything in its power to adapt the transmission grid to meet the rising demands of industry and society. The biggest challenge of the coming years will be to integrate renewable energy into the grid and, in doing so, to bring Austria closer to meeting its climate targets. A strong transmission grid is essential to ensuring the sustainable integration of wind power, hydropower and solar power into Austria’s energy supply system. APG’s job is to provide the platform for the optimum use of renewables. 

Committed to sustainability – working responsibly for people and nature 

APG bears a responsibility towards the people living in Austria. Its work ensures that both the economy and society enjoy a supply of essential electricity at all times. However, the demands placed on the transmission grid are rising steadily. With wind and solar power being generated in great quantities in the production centres of northern and southern Europe, a high-performance transmission grid is needed to bring the electricity produced to consumers. Austria is of particular significance here due to its central position in the heart of Europe. To ensure that the Austrian power grid is fit for the future, it has to be modified and upgraded on an ongoing basis. APG also plans and executes its projects in consultation with the public and with an eye to its responsibility for people and nature. Its overarching goal is for all people in Austria to enjoy a secure supply of electricity. 

A liberalised electricity market for a strong Europe 

The APG grid is located in the heart of Europe. For that reason, its responsibility extends beyond the Austrian border. Consequently, APG works continuously in close collaboration with its partner grid operators in neighbouring European countries. Together, they provide a secure, high-performance power grid. This European transmission grid forms the basis of the liberalised electricity market, which guarantees all consumers access to electricity at market prices. 

Mission statement

As the independent control area manager and operator of Austria’s extra-high voltage transmission grid, APG pursues the following objectives: 


To secure APG’s extra-high voltage grid as a marketplace for all authorised transmission system customers, to provide economical, environmentally friendly and efficient trading conditions in accordance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination, and to reconcile economic growth with sustainability.


To comply with our legal mandates and obligations in the context of our role as control area manager and independent transmission system operator (ITO) as defined in the ElWOG (Austrian Electricity Industry and Organisation Act).


To cooperate with the managers of the neighbouring control areas, with distribution system operators and with the clearing and settlement agents responsible for the APG control area in the best way possible and in the interest of all grid customers.


To undertake technical, organisational and commercial management of APG in such a way as to ensure that it is among the most productive and efficient companies in Austria and around the world.


To operate and maintain the APG transmission grid as needed to guarantee an efficient, safe and economical infrastructure and to expand the infrastructure as required by technical considerations.


To support the personal commitment and professional expertise of APG employees in the best possible manner to facilitate the successful implementation of Items 1 to 5 above.

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