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Transmission Grid for Biodiversity (TG4B)

Implementation of new approaches for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity along power lines

In progress

TG4B: How APG harmonises grid infrastructure and biodiversity

The construction and operation of grid infrastructure requires a certain degree of intervention in nature. APG has therefore been pursuing an operational route management concept for many years. In the interests of a secure power supply, measures are taken along the power lines to ensure that the distance between vegetation and overhead lines complies with the law and the official decision.

As part of the "Transmission Grid for Biodiversity (TG4B)" project, APG has set itself the goal of combining technical necessity and ecology to generate a common benefit for landowners, forestry authorities, hunters and APG itself and thus the grid user. At the same time, this also makes a significant contribution to the European Biodiversity Strategy[1] and national objectives in line with the Austrian Biodiversity Strategy 2030+[2].

The existing biodiversity areas in the project area will be expanded from 28 ha to over 50 ha during the project period by redesigning logging roads and revision strips as green multifunctional strips and creating new wetland biotopes. Comprehensive maintenance and monitoring measures will follow the creation of the new areas.

[1] Biodiversity strategy for 2030 - European Commission (

[2] Biodiversitäts-Strategie Österreich 2030+ (

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