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Sarasdorf substation

New mega-hub for renewables worth 200 million euros: APG and Netz Niederösterreich are expanding the Sarasdorf site thus securing the region's electricity supply for the coming decades. This will also ensure that by 2029, twice as much electricity from wind power and photovoltaic systems can be fed into APG's trans-regional electricity grid in Sarasdorf as today.

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Sarasdorf substation

The Sarasdorf substation (Lower Austria) is located in the middle of one of the windiest regions in Austria, where the number of photovoltaic systems is also steadily increasing: in the district of Bruck alone, more than 2,700 PV systems feed the solar power they generate into the grid of Netz NÖ, which is connected to APG's trans-regional power lines via a 110kV switchgear at the substation. The locally generated surplus of green energy can thus be made available throughout Austria and, if necessary, it can be stored in the pumped storage power plants in the Alpine regions. To give you an idea: the regional electricity consumption currently amounts to around 50 megawatts (MW), while the connected load at the substation is 600 MW. A further 300 MW will be added by 2030, which means that the Bruck basin region will then generate 18 times as much sustainable electricity as it consumes.

As part of the project, APG is renewing the existing 380kV switchgear and expanding it by eleven additional panels. In addition, two 380/110kV giant transformers will be installed. Transformers are the heart of every substation; they convert the electricity, for example from 110kV to 380kV. This is necessary so that the locally generated electricity can be transported as described. APG is investing around 130 million euros until the planned completion of the project in 2029, while Netz Niederösterreich is investing a further 70 million euros.

All technical details are summarized in the factsheet, which you can find in the download area at the bottom of the page.

Project ticker

All current information about the project at a glance.

Project ticker

All current information about the project at a glance.

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Milestone 09.11.2023
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New Hub for Renewables for € 200 Millions: Groundbreaking Ceremony at the APG substation in Sarasdorf

The transmission and distribution grid operators Austrian Power Grid (APG) and Netz Niederösterreich are modernizing and expanding the substation Sarasdorf: today the groundbreaking ceremony for the mega-project, which will make the site a major hub for the integration of wind and solar power in Austria, took place. In addition the multi-million investment is an important step towards a supply-secure energy transition. 

The Austrian Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler and the president of Lower Austria’s provincial government Karl Wilfing participated in the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony together with the hosts Gerhard Christiner, CTO at APG, and Franz Mittermayer, chairman of the board at EVN.

Renewables: from Sarasdorf all over Austria

The Sarasdorf substation is located in the middle of one of Austria’s most windy regions, where the number of PV facilities is also continually increasing. In the district Bruck alone more than 2,700 PV systems feed their solar power production into the grid. The fact that in 2023 almost three times as many PV systems were completed than in the previous year highlights the trend towards a decentralized electricity production.

The substation is directly linked to the lines of Netz Niederösterreich via a 110 kV switchgear. With the installation of eleven additional 380 kV switchboard sections as well as two 380/110 kV giant transformers the importance of the APG site in the vicinity of Bruck an der Leitha with regard to the energy transition in Austria is further increased. APG is investing around 130 million euros, Netz Niederösterreich around 70 million euros.

Details can be found in the press statement.

Milestone 26.07.2023

Construction site as excavation site: archeological artefacts found at APG substation Sarasdorf

The Austrian transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid (APG) is investing 130 million euros in the expansion and modernization of the substation Sarasdorf over the next few years. In the run-up to the construction work archeologists examined the whole area for traces of the past. To good effect: numerous artefacts of the period between the Bronze Age and Roman times are proof of permanent settlement in the area for more than 4,000 years. The visual highlight is a jug with a handle which is about 3,500 to 4000 years old.

130 million for the integration of wind power and security of supply

The installation of 11 additional 380 kV switchgears as well as two 380/110 kV large power transformers will strengthen the APG site at Sarasdorf in the vicinity of Bruck an der Leitha for the energy transition in Austria. APG spokesperson Christoph Schuh explains: “The substation Sarasdorf is located in the middle of one of the most wind-prone regions in Austria and it is directly connected to the distribution grid of Netz Niederösterreich via a 110 kV switchgear. In the future, it will thus play a key role for feeding in and distributing locally generated surplus wind power via the Austria-wide APG grid. This means that it will be possible to store the locally produced wind power in the pumped storage plants in the west of the country and to make it available all over Austria. In addition, this multi-million investment scheme will facilitate the energy transition of the whole Eastern region and Austria as a whole without jeopardizing the security of electricity supply.”

14 banana boxes and a jug

Since 2006 already – even before the groundbreaking for the then new substation Sarasdorf – the Federal office for the protection of monuments (Bundesdenkmalamt, BDA) as well as archeological service providers have been involved in the project and have been continuously carrying out archeological activities on site. “During the most recent excavation campaign which started in September 2021, we discovered a number of archeological relics – overall they fill 14 banana boxes,” reports Maximilian Bergner of Novetus, who is supervising the excavations on behalf of APG. Banana boxes are the “unit of measure” of archeologists. Bergner elaborates: “The most noteworthy finds include the remains of settlements of the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as a vast system of trenches from Roman times, which surrounds a Roman farmstead that was already discovered in 2014. A receptacle dating back 3,500 to 4,000 years which has been preserved almost undamaged, is particularly appealing: a jug from the Wieselburg culture, which we excavated and restored last year.”

Substation area as ideal excavation site

According to Bergner the archeological site around the substation Sarasdorf and the relevant research results correlate well with the overall picture of the region. He emphasizes: “The construction site of APG is one of the few sites in Austria where such a vast area, that is over 30,000 m², can be investigated. This gives us a good overview of the various eras in a period of over 4,000 years. In addition, it provides an insight in the life and goings-on in an agricultural settlement in the fertile plain of the basin around Bruck an der Leitha.” According to the archeologist, kilns and several clay pits suggest that the historic settlers produced pottery for their own usage – like the above mentioned jug.

For the time being the artefacts remain with Novetus GmbH, where they are cleaned, preserved and analyzed. Afterwards they will be handed over to APG. Christoph Schuh: “It is impressive how many artefacts from such a long period in history have been excavated at the site of our substation. The combination of significant investments in the infrastructure and the appreciation of the cultural heritage of the location emphasizes our commitment to supporting sustainable development and preserving history.”

Details can be found in the press statement.

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