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Enns Valley line

The 220-kV Enns Valley line running between Tauern and Weißenbach was commissioned in 1949. After more than 70 years of operation, it is planned to carry out a general overhaul of the line section between Wagrain and Weißenbach to make sure the line is ready to meet future demand and to ensure a secure supply of electricity in your region for decades to come.

In planning

General overhaul of the Enns Valley line

Upgrading the Enns Valley line will improve transmission capacity in APG’s grid and ensure energy security for your region. The upgrade is also a prerequisite for future projects, for example projects designed to support the Styrian energy networks. It will also play a major role in developments in the energy markets, such as additional integrations of renewable energies and new connections for industrial operations and power plant projects.

As a vital east-west connection in APG’s central grid, the upgraded line will make a significant contribution to the success of the energy transition. It will enable electricity from renewable energy sources to be transported from one end of Austria to the other, for use wherever it’s needed at the time. The general overhaul of the Enns Valley line will create the basis for sustainable development and the advance of the electrification of tourism, the economy, industry and society in your region – both now and in the generations to come. 

Project ticker

All current information about the project at a glance.

Project ticker

All current information about the project at a glance.

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Update 16.11.2022
Energie, Erneuerung Ennstalleitung, APG-Informationsveranstaltung

APG in conversation: Citizens' information at Congress Schladming

On 15 November, APG invited interested citizens to a project information event at the Congress Schladming concerning the general renewal of the Enns Valley pipeline. APG spent three hours talking to around 130 municipal representatives and property owners from the region.

After the project presentation, a large number of questions were answered individually and the various aspects of this project were discussed together with the representatives.

Update 17.10.2022

Citizens' information event cancelled at short notice for organisational reasons

The information event on the general renewal of the Enns Valley pipeline planned for today was cancelled at short notice in the early afternoon by the mayor of the municipality of Schladming, who is also the organiser, for organisational reasons. The entire APG team had already arrived in Schladming. In several discussions, the mayor was assured that the event would be held at a later date. The project for the general renewal of the 220 kV Enns Valley line is a central project for the secure supply of electricity in the economic and tourism region, as well as for the success of the energy transition and the achievement of Austria's climate targets. The APG team will discuss the further procedure with the mayor in the coming days and is always available for talks with citizens of the Greater Region and, of course, also for events.


construction phase



Increasing electrification

Energy industry forecasts clearly show that an efficient electricity grid is becoming increasingly important, particularly in winter (especially tourism).

Modern technology

The use of a bundle of 2 ensures a higher transport capacity & lower line noise.

73,2 km

Route length Styria: 56,3 km, Salzburg: 16,9 km

approx. 175 million €

total investment volume

Working toward a sustainable future 

The foreseeable rise in consumption in the Styrian Enns Valley and in the Salzkammergut, Schladming-Dachstein and Gesäuse regions of Styria calls for a high-capacity electricity grid capable of meeting the demands of the future. In addition, the development of renewable energy will increase massively in the coming years with the goal of reaching the climate and energy targets set by the Austrian government. Increasing flows of energy will require a high-capacity electricity grid to distribute the sustainable electricity generated. 

Energy market forecasts of increasing electrification clearly indicate the rising importance of having a high-capacity electricity grid, especially during the winter months. Maintaining a high level of supply quality is indispensable for the tourist centres in and around the Enns Valley.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What measures are included in the general renewal?

In order to ensure a secure electricity supply in the region for the next generations, the Enns Valley pipeline is undergoing a general overhaul.

This means:

  • Maintaining the voltage level of 220 kilovolts
  • Modernisation of all components (pylons, foundations, earthing, fittings and cabling)
  • Replacement of the existing single cable by a so-called 2-bundle: to increase the transmission capacity and at the same time reduce the line noise.
  • Erection of the new masts at the same location with unchanged mast contact area
  • Raising the masts by up to 10 metres: for an optimised immission load and increase of the clear passage height, e.g. for agricultural equipment
When will the pipeline be generally renewed?

The construction phase will start in 2025 and end in 2027.

How much is APG investing in the general renewal of the Enns Valley pipeline?

The investment volume is around 175 million euros

The sum stated is a planning figure. This planning figure is exposed to price changes on the world market, especially due to the long realisation period until 2027.

How long is the Enns Valley pipeline and how many pylons does it consist of?

Total length of line: 73.2 km

  • Of which in Salzburg: 16.9 km
  • Of which in Styria: 56.3 km

Number of masts: 234 masts

Which approval procedure is used for the general renewal?

An EIA determination procedure initiated by APG in June 2020 with the Styrian provincial government resulted in the conclusion that the general renewal of the line is not subject to an EIA and is therefore to be approved in accordance with the Starkstromwegegesetz (StWG). This decision was confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court (BVwG). At the end of 2021, the project was therefore submitted to the competent authority under the StWG.

The StWG hearing took place in Gröbming in July 2022. The positive StWG decision from the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility and Technology (BMK) has been available since October 31, 2022. With the positive decision of the Vienna Provincial Administrative Court on May 15, 2023, the StWG decision is legally binding.

Other specialist areas (e.g. nature conservation, forestry) will be examined at a later date in individual procedures.

How can my property be claimed?

A property can be occupied by our lines in the following ways:

  • through a mast location 
  • by a span (in this case only the conductor cables and the associated servitude area pass over or close to the property) 
  • Forest encroachment

How the claimed agricultural and forestry areas are compensated is determined in a framework agreement that has been drawned up together with the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture. For the section of the powerline located in Salzburg, APG has drawn up a guideline that ensures equal treatment of all landowners in the entire pipeline area.

Identical to the framework agreement, it regulates the calculation of the amount of compensation for the easement agreements to be concluded with the landowners under private law and by mutual agreement.

The framework agreement applies equally to all land used and dedicated for agriculture and forestry. This ensures a uniform approach based on partnership. The equal treatment of all landowners is of great importance to APG.

For land that is not used for agriculture or forestry, there will be separate expert opinions to determine the amount of compensation.

Contact person

Ing., MSc

Stefanie Eisenhuber

Project lead

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1220 Wien

Phone +43 664 883 43 105 Email
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Stefan Walehrach

Project communication

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