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General renewal of the Jauntal line

With the general renewal of the Jauntal line in Carinthia, APG is ensuring a secure and sustainable electricity supply in the region and thus enabling the transformation to a more ecological energy system.

In planning

General renewal of the Jauntal line

The components of the existing 110 kV line from the Obersielach substation (Völkermarkt district) to the Schwabeck substation (Wolfsberg district) were built and installed in the 1940s and 1960s and are now in need of renovation due to their long service life. Therefore, the existing line, which is around 20 km long, will be completely overhauled along the same route to ensure a reliable electricity supply in the region for generations to come.

The Jauntal line will be completely renewed for 50 million euros 

During the general overhaul, the voltage level of 110 kilovolts will be retained and pylon locations will remain identical. In addition to the important modernization of all components (including pylons, foundations, fittings) the existing single cable will be replaced by a two-rope bundle. This will increase the transmission capacity and improve reliability. The line can currently transport 640 amperes (A) per line system. The modernization according to state-of-the-art standards will increase the line capacity to 2,500 amperes per system. This means that with the capacities available in the future, it will be possible to integrate corresponding quantities of renewable energy from the region. 

Following the Carinthian Electricity Act (K-EG), the project will be submitted to the competent authority, the Carinthian provincial government, in the summer of 2024. Various specific issues governed by administrative law (e.g. nature conservation, forestry) will be examined concomitantly in individual procedures by the responsible authorities. This should facilitate a quick implementation of the project. The planned investment volume on the part of APG is around EUR 50 million. The construction work is supposed to begin in 2026, and the renewed line’s start of operation is scheduled for 2028, as the project is fundamentally important for a secure energy supply in the Carinthian Jauntal Valley. 

2026 - 2028

construction phase


Retention of the 110-KV voltage level

Modern technology

The use of a 2-cable bundle increases the reliability and transport capacity of the cable

50 million euros

total investment volume

Increasing electrification

An efficient electricity grid is a prerequisite for the success of the energy transition (decarbonisation) in business and industry




Völkermarkt, Ruden, Bleiberg (district Völkermarkt), Lavamünd (district Wolfsberg)


General renewal of the line on the existing route. In some cases, optimisations are made with regard to the distance to residents and development areas in the municipalities.

Construction phase

planned from 2026 to 2028

Positive effects

  • General renewal: The line, some of which is over 70 years old, no longer corresponds to the state of the art; the general renewal is intended to make the line fit for the future.
  • Secure power supply: The renewal of the line will ensure security of supply in view of the increasing share of renewable energies in Carinthia (the current line is not designed to transport such quantities of clean green electricity).
  • Achievement of climate and energy targets: The renewal will enable the further electrification of the economy, tourism and society. The project therefore also makes an important contribution to achieving Austria's climate and energy targets.
  • Investments: The investments in this line create high regional and supra-regional added value and strengthen Carinthia as a business location.

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