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Power Grid Control

Power Grid Control, APG’s power grid control, was commissioned in the southeast of Vienna in 2009. This is the nerve centre for the Austrian transmission grid. All information coming from the domestic transmission network is collected and processed here. The power grid control also ensures system operation and works around the clock to prevent malfunctions and to restore normal operations after a malfunction has occurred. 

Guided tours

At present, it is not possible to tour the APG power grid control.

The nerve centre of the austrian transmission grid

Power Grid Control is staffed by highly qualified individuals. Thanks to their excellent education, continuing professional development and regular simulations carried out with other Austrian and European system operators, these employees are the most important factor in guaranteeing that APG and Power Grid Control fulfil their mission successfully.  

Power Grid Control employees are responsible for the following tasks: 

  • managing system operations of APG’s high-voltage and extra-high voltage grid; 
  • operating all of APG’s substations and switching stations remotely; 
  • coordinating shutdowns for maintenance and grid development projects; 
  • coordinating regional operational planning within Austria and with other European transmission system operators; 
  • optimising load flows;  
  • managing congestion; 
  • coordinating, planning and managing more than 100,000 electricity transports each year; and 
  • managing frequency control and cross-border exchanges of electricity balancing services. 

The activities of APG, which include a number of close partnerships, extend well beyond national frontiers. This is due not only to Austria’s central location with connections to numerous neighbouring system operators, but is also the result of the deregulated European electricity market and the ensuing cross-border exchanges of electricity. 

As operator of the control area, Austrian Power Grid AG is required by law to ensure a stable and secure transmission network. In addition, APG takes an active role in shaping in the European electricity market. 

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