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Substation Tauern

Situated in the municipality of Kaprun, the Tauern substation is a network node substation serving the western operating region. It was commissioned in 1990. Maintenance work that is carried out on APG substations throughout the areas of Salzburg, East Tyrol and Upper Carinthia is coordinated from this substation. 

At the Tauern substation there are 220-kV and 380-kV switching stations as well as grid coupling transformers. 

The Tauern substation has a key role to play in transmitting power from and to the Kaprun group of power plants and is therefore pivotal for the storage of green energy. 

Substation Tauern  

Einödweg 30
5710 Kaprun, Austria



The Kaprun site regularly trains apprentices as technicians as part of a combined electrical engineering/metalworking programme. The apprenticeship lasts four years. 


Apprenticeship in Tauern/Kaprun

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