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Federal Ministry of Climate Action: New Forecasting Tool Shows How Households and Enterprises Can Reduce Their Electricity and Thus Gas Consumption in a Targeted Way

Saving electricity at peak times helps to save gas - Ministry of Climate Action publishes APG forecast of electricity saving hours updated daily at 

High gas and electricity prices are a financial burden for many people. In response to the high prices, the EU has issued a regulation on an emergency intervention to address high energy prices. This EU regulation comes into force today and is intended to counteract the strained energy situation. The aim is to reduce electricity consumption in a very targeted manner - this strengthens and secures the electricity supply in Austria. Especially in winter, gas is needed to generate electricity, for example when too little electricity can be produced from renewables or peak loads occur. At, the Ministry of Climate Action publishes daily updated forecasts by Austrian Power Grid (APG), which show at which hours of the day it is particularly important and sensible for households and enterprises to save electricity. 

"No one knows for sure how the energy crisis will develop. What is clear, however, is that saving energy is the most effective means of securing the power supply while not depleting gas reserves for as long as possible. With the APG forecasting tool at, the Austrian public is for the first time provided with information on how to best lessen the burden on the energy system on the next working day," says Jürgen Schneider, Head of the Climate and Energy Department at the Federal Ministry.

Forecast at shows ideal energy saving times

APG's forecast model at highlights the relevant hours in the peak periods as so-called "electricity saving hours". According to the trans-regional transmission grid operator APG, these occur on weekdays in the morning (from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.) and in the early evening (from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.), depending on the possible coverage of consumption by domestic renewables: 
"Saving energy is the order of the day for businesses, industry and society. With the APG forecasting tool, it is now possible to see transparently when saving electricity will have the greatest effect. With the daily forecast for the coming day, we are able to show electricity consumers when saving electricity makes the most sense in terms of a CO2 reduction, to reduce the economic burden, and also to reduce the burden on the energy system," explains APG CTO Gerhard Christiner.

Advantages of the electricity saving forecast

• transparent information about ideal electricity saving times for households and enterprises 
• reduced electricity consumption ensures lower gas consumption, especially in winter 
• reduced power consumption strengthens secure power supply 
• reduced demand for electricity at peak times has a dampening effect on gas prices 

The model shows in which hours there will either be high electricity consumption on the coming day or too little electricity can be generated from renewable sources. In both instances gas-fired power plants have to be to be switched on and a lot of electricity has to be imported. The use of gas for electricity generation is particularly expensive at the moment and also causes high CO2 pollution. Available gas reserves should be used very carefully. Through consistent implementation of the EU regulation and changes in consumption behavior gas and electricity prices could be significantly dampened in the medium term. 
The forecasting model was developed as a result of the EU's regulation on an emergency intervention to address high energy prices, which will come into force on December 1, 2022, and apply until March 31, 2023. It provides for three pillars: mandatory reductions in electricity consumption at peak times by an average of 5 percent during the designated period, revenue caps on electricity generation, and solidarity levies on companies operating in the oil, gas, coal and refinery sectors. The first pillar is implemented in Austria through the Electricity Consumption Reduction Act (SVRG). 
Households and small and medium-sized enterprises should be able to reduce their electricity consumption more easily or shift their consumption to other times on the basis of the identified electricity-saving hours. Large consumers can also participate in auctions and receive compensation for reducing their consumption. 

SERVICE: The daily updated forecast and further information about electricity can be found at Further information on the forecasting tool can be found at

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