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APG Participates in Crisis Drill

Vienna Police and Austrian Armed Forces practice protection of critical infrastructure. 

Between November 29 and December 1, 2022, a large-scale exercise of the Vienna Police and the Austrian Armed Forces will take place in Vienna. The drill will involve an "energy crisis" with resulting restrictions in various areas of life. "As part of the critical infrastructure, we have been working very closely with the relevant security agencies and organizations as well as other players in the energy industry on crisis prevention and crisis management issues for decades. The drill is another important building block regarding the joint practice of procedures, the coordination of measures and avoiding crises in the event of an emergency," says APG company spokesperson Christoph Schuh. 

APG - as one of the most important critical infrastructures in Austria - has a great responsibility towards society to guarantee the security of supply throughout Austria. "This is also the reason why we conduct regular crisis drills with authorities such as the Vienna Police Directorate and the Austrian Armed Forces," explains Schuh. 

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