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APG Part of the “Capital Commanders Conference 2024”

The garrison commanders from the capital cities Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Warsaw, and Vienna visited APG's Control Center.

As part of their 3-day conference on cooperation between the garrison commands of the capital cities within the framework of the ‘Capital Command Cooperation’, the garrison commanders of the seven EU member states Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Austria visited the APG control center in Vienna’s 10th district for an exchange of information. 

The focus was on topics relating to infrastructure security, such as the protection of critical infrastructures, cooperation in the context of crises, and challenges in the energy industry, including practical examples of cooperation between critical infrastructures and the military.

"The basic idea of the cooperation is the exchange of opinions and experiences, as well as mutual learning," says Garrison Commander Wagner about the purpose of the 30-year partnership.

"Collaboration with the Austrian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense is particularly important to APG. Be it in the fields of crisis prevention, corporate security, research, and development, or the field of property protection. This is one of the reasons why APG has had a special partnership with the Joint Support Service Command (German: Kommando Streitkräftebasis) since 2010 and a cooperation agreement with the Austrian Armed Forces since 2022," emphasizes APG company spokesperson Christoph Schuh.

For APG, the visit of the high-ranking delegates from all over Europe was and is further proof of the trustworthy and good cooperation with the Austrian Armed Forces. 

About the "Capital Commanders Conference" in Vienna

The annual conference on the cooperation among the garrison commands of the capital cities took place from May 14 to 16, 2024 as part of the “Capital Command Cooperation” partnership. The delegations, consisting of the garrison commanders and military experts from the capital cities Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Warsaw, and Vienna, convened at Vienna's Maria Theresien Kaserne – a set of barracks that serves as army base in the city’s 13th district – for the ‘Capital Commanders Conference’. Topics of the conference included civil-military cooperation and the role of the garrison commands of the capital cities in crisis management and national defense. The garrison commanders also talked about future projects and exchanged valuable experiences to make operations, such as the protection of critical infrastructure, even more efficient in the future.

About Austrian Power Grid (APG)

As independent transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid (APG) is in charge of ensuring the security of the electricity supply in Austria. With our high-performance and digital electricity infrastructure and the use of state-of-the-art technologies we integrate renewable energies, we are the platform for the electricity market, and we provide access to reasonably priced electricity for Austria’s consumers and thus create the basis for Austria as supply-secure and future-oriented industrial and business location and place to live. The APG grid totals a length of about 3,500 km and is operated, maintained, and continuously adapted to the increasing challenges of the electrification of businesses, industry, and society by a team of approximately 850 specialists. 67 substations are distributed all over Austria and the majority is operated remotely from APG’s control center in Vienna’s 10th district. Thanks to our committed employees Austria had a security of supply of 99.99 percent also in 2023 and thus ranks among the top countries worldwide. Our investments of 445 million euros in 2024 (2023: 490 million euros, 2022: 370 million euros) are a motor for the Austrian economy and a crucial factor in reaching Austria’s climate and energy targets. Until 2034 APG will invest a total of approximately 9 billion euros in grid expansion and renovation projects

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