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APG: Easter Bunny Brings 260-ton Egg

Even the Easter bunny wants to contribute to the energy transition: it carries a huge egg in its basket for one of APG's overhauled substations

APG’s new “logistics partner”

APG is currently investing 42 million euros in the expansion of the Ybbsfeld substation in St. Martin-Karlsbach near Ybbs a. d. Donau (Lower Austria) to ensure the success of the energy transition. "This also includes a new transformer which is supposed to arrive during Easter week. Hopefully we can count on our new logistics partner, the Easter bunny, to deliver our unique Easter egg," says Christoph Schuh, company spokesperson for the trans-regional transmission grid operator Austrian Power Grid (APG).

Where will the Easter bunny place the egg?

With the 260-ton egg in its basket, the Easter bunny will hop straight to the 14-metrer-long transformer platform. The giant “Easter egg” is eleven meters long, four meters wide and seven meters high which means the delivery will be hard work for the Easter bunny. Speaking of work: the purpose of a transformer is to step the voltage up or down to allow electricity to travel efficiently over longer distances via APG’s transmission highways. This is extremely important, especially regarding the green electricity from PV facilities and wind power plants, which is often consumed far away from where it is generated.

Ensuring the security of supply during the energy transition

"Austria wants to decarbonize 100% of its electricity consumption by 2030. To achieve this, APG is investing a total of nine billion euros in the conversion and expansion of the grid infrastructure over the next 10 years," explains Schuh. Substations play a key role in the transition of the energy system: they are the gateways for renewable forms of energy and facilitate its integration into APG's Austria-wide transmission grid. This is how the TSO can ensure that the electricity always gets to where it is needed: whether in Austria or elsewhere in Europe. And what is the heart of every substation? The transformer. Happy Easter holidays! 

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