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33-Million-Euro Mega-Project at the Substation Lienz for the Security of Supply in East Tyrol Completed

Better security of supply and integration of renewable energies

After about seven years of construction, the complex modernization of the 220 kV switchgear at the Lienz substation (Nußdorf-Debant) of Austrian Power Grid (APG) has now been successfully completed. This not only further increases the security of supply in East Tyrol, but also improves the integration of renewable energies into the Austrian power grid. A total of approximately 33 million has been invested in the modernization, a core element of which is a new 380/220 kV transformer that already started operation last year. 

Secure power supply for the next decades

"The substation Lienz is currently the only power feed-in point for the whole of East Tyrol from APG's Austria-wide 380/220 kV high-voltage grid and is therefore particularly important for the power supply in the region," says Wolfgang Ranninger, who coordinated the construction work as project manager. "After around 60 years of operation, parts of the plant were in need of refurbishment. Since the fall of 2016, we have therefore been gradually replacing the 220 kV switchgear, which also supplies the regional feed of TINETZ-Tiroler Netze GmbH from the trans-regional APG grid, in a total of seven construction phases," says Ranninger. 
Part of the mega-project was also the construction of an additional 380/220 kV transformer at a cost of 7.5 million euros. With a weight of 816 tons the state-of-the-art plant element at the Lienz substation is one of the largest of its kind used in this form anywhere in Austria and operated exclusively by APG. The transformer was already commissioned in August of the previous year. 

UW Lienz: important for East Tyrol and all of Austria

The modernization of the substation Lienz, including the new transformer, is also a milestone for achieving the energy transition. Ranninger: "With the new transformer and the modernized 220 kV switchgear, APG is increasing grid reliability for the whole of Austria, but especially for East Tyrol. 

The integration of renewable energies into the Austria-wide power grid will also be optimized following the modernization of the Lienz substation: the new transformer and the renewed 220 kV system strengthen the connections between the Malta and Reißeck storage power plants (Carinthia) and Kaprun (Salzburg) in the west of the country with the wind power plants in the east." Surplus wind power that is not consumed locally can thus be transported over long distances and stored. When needed, the electricity can then be retrieved from the storage power plants and made available throughout Austria. 

Christoph Schuh, company spokesperson for APG: "Investments like these are the prerequisite for being able to guarantee a secure supply of electricity even under the demands of the energy transition." APG is investing around 3.5 billion euros in Austria's electricity infrastructure over the next ten years. Schuh: "This is the key to meeting the requirements of the future, and facilitating the success of the energy transition and the electrification of businesses, industry and society." 

About Austrian Power Grid (APG)

Austrian Power Grid (APG) is Austria’s independent transmission system operator in charge of monitoring and managing the nationwide transmission network. Its infrastructure ensures the electricity supply in Austria and is thus the lifeline of the country, its population and its businesses. The APG network totals a length of about 3,400 km and is operated, maintained and continuously adapted to the increasing challenges of economy and society by a team of more than 700 specialists. The capacities of the APG grid and the use of state-of-the-art technologies are the precondition for a sustainable and secure power supply in Austria, for reaching the climate and energy targets and for the increasing electrification of our society, businesses and industry. With our digital platforms we make their flexibilities available for the electricity management. APG’s staff develop suitable market products, have an excellent knowledge of physics and ensure the security and efficiency of supply for Austria. With an investment volume of 370 million euros in 2022 for the expansion and modernization of the grid infrastructure, APG provides an important impulse for the domestic economy. Until 2032 APG will invest a total of approximately 3.5 billion euros in grid expansion and renovation projects, which amounts to approximately 19 percent of the total of 18 billion euros which the energy industry will invest in the grid infrastructure over the next ten years. In the Sustainable Brand Rating 2022 APG has been voted number one in the category ‘public utility infrastructure’ for the third consecutive time.

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