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Substation St. Peter

Located close to the municipality of Braunau, the St. Peter substation is one of two network node substations within the northern operating region and comprises 380/220/110-kV switching stations. Its maintenance area covers substations in St. Peter, Ranshofen, Aschach, Jochenstein and Arthurwerk in addition to power lines in the northern region.

The St. Peter substation was first taken into service in 1940. It acts as a coupling point in the electricity transmission network connecting the German TenneT grid and the distribution grid in Upper Austria. The 380-kV and 220-kV outdoor switching stations are connected via high-performance grid coupling transformer banks; the 220-kV and 110-kV outdoor switching stations are connected via grid coupling transformers. 

The substation is also the base for an overhead line team whose role is to manage the high-voltage overhead lines in the region, ensure that they are operating properly as well as to carry out maintenance work and remedy any faults. 

Substation St. Peter  

Jarsdorf 3 
4963 St. Peter am Hart, Austria



The St. Peter site regularly trains apprentices as technicians as part of a combined electrical engineering/metalworking programme. The apprenticeship lasts four years. 


Apprenticeship in St. Peter

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