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Austrian Power Grid

Who needs how much?

Each Austrian federal state has its own power plants and its own power grid. Here too, supply and demand must be matched every single second of the day. However, the power generation and distribution structures in the Austrian states mean that one state may have an excess of supply while another has an excess of demand. For example, on windy days the state of Burgenland generates enough wind power to meet its own electricity needs many times over. The APG grid provides a strong backbone for distributing the excess power to the other states. 

Where does our electricity come from?

The data of the actual feed into the public grid refer only to the control area of APG and can therefore not give a complete picture of the feed into the entire public grid in Austria. An up-to-date overview of the complete power generation in Austria (i.e. including those shares that are used downstream of the grid operator's meter to reduce consumption and are therefore not fed into the public grid) cannot be provided due to the insufficient database available at APG. 

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