Italian Borders Market Coupling Consultation Paper

November-December 2014


This document is aimed at giving a general presentation of the Italian Borders Market Coupling project and at listing specific questions for a Market Participants’ consultation.

The document gives an overview of:
1. the main principles and functioning of the market coupling;
2. the timings and possible coupling scenarios;
3. the possible fallback solutions;
4. the price and bids caps on the Italian Borders electricity market;
5. the rollback organization.

Market parties are asked to answer some specific questions related to these topics, listed in Chapter 6. The consultation is held by IBWT Parties under the oversight of their relative National Regulator Authorities.

The consultation will be open from the 24/11/2014 to 05/12/2014.

The answers to the consultation shall be addressed to the following email contact:

The start of the Go-live window is currently foreseen mid-February 2015. The borders part of the Go-Live will be communicated end of November 2014. The precise date for the GO-Live will be communicated in January 2015. The Go-Live is subject to the regulators’ approval.

Disclaimer: this Consultation Paper and the annexed documents have been developed as project documents and they are communicated to Market Participants for information purpose only. They do not bind any of the parties mentioned and they shall not be considered to have any contractual value.

Consultation Paper