APG contributes to CWE Common Grid Model

APG’s active contribution is expected to lead to an improvement of the Common Grid Model of the CWE-region


In 2013, the Pentalateral Energy Forum (PLEF) decided to expand the CWE region by integrating Austria as a new member. Since then, APG has developed an action plan in order to participate in the CWE region operational activities.

Hence, as stated in the approval package*, the submission of Two-Days Ahead Congestion Forecast files (D2CF) was identified as a first significant step for achieving APG’s smooth integration. D2CF-files consist for the corresponding control area of hourly information on the transmission grid topology, net exchange programs as well as load- and generation profiles per node.

At the moment, the Austrian grid is already included in the Flow Based calculation through the DACF (Day Ahead Congestion Forecast) datasets. Adding APG’s D2CF during the calculation of FB parameters will further improve the model’s accuracy. In order to complete the submission of APG’s D2CF-files, all relevant IT-systems as well as the CWE contractual framework had to be adapted. Following successful completion of these tasks the operational delivery of the D2CF-files and their use for the FB external parallel run will start on 12th November 2014.

APG will now provide Coreso** with the D2CF-files for their control area on a daily basis. On Coreso side, the APG D2CF-file will be merged with the D2CF-files of the other CWE-TSOs in order to create the Common Grid Model for the CWE-region. APG’s active contribution is expected to lead to an improvement of the Common Grid Model of the CWE-region.

In the meantime APG and the CWE TSOs are preparing the next steps to enable the full integration of APG in the CWE-region Flow Based operational activities.

*) See CWE FB MC Approval document on CASC website, p.45 and p.61: http://www.casc.eu/en/Resource-center/CWE-Flow-Based-MC/Public-Consultation

**) Coreso (COoRdination of Electricity System Operators) is a subsidiary of several TSOs (Elia, Rte, National Grid, Terna and 50hertz) whose main mission is to proactively help TSOs ensure the security of supply on a European regional basis. In the CWE Market Coupling every day process, Coreso is in charge of merging the D2CF and DACF files from the CWE TSOs.