APG complies with the current laws, regulatory provisions and internal rules.

We view compliance regulations as an integral part of our corporate philosophy. These regulations form the framework for the internal rules of APG.

Prevention of corruption

A Compliance Officer coordinates the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Guideline and is therefore the first point of contact for reports, questions and information in connection with corruption and bribery.

Together with a compliance team which supports him, he manages the compliance system that ensures adherence to the compliance guidelines and, in particular, the implementation of the principles and values of the code of conduct.

In addition, the Compliance Officer reports regularly (and, if necessary, immediately) to the Managing Board.

In this respect, our business partners can also turn to their contact person at APG.

Financial Market Compliance

As the subsidiary of an exchange-listed company, observance of the Stock Exchange Act and other capital market laws and regulations is a matter of course for us. This equally extends to the implementation of the Issuer Compliance Regulation of the Austrian Financial Market Authority, which must also be applied for APG.