Our energy furture lies in renewable energies

APG bears the responsibility for sustainably safeguarding Austria’s electricity supply – now and in the future. Part of this responsibility lies in ensuring that everything possible is undertaken to adapt the transmission grid to the growing demands made by the economy and society. The greatest challenge of the coming year is to bring renewable energies closer to the grid and Austria and therewith to its climate goals.

Only a strong transmission grid makes it possible to sustainably integrate energy from wind, water and sunshine in Austria’s energy supply system. It is our responsibility to create the foundations for an optimal utilisation of renewable energies..

A deregulated electricity market for a powerful Europe

The APG grid lies in the heart of Europe. Our responsibility thus extends beyond Austria’s frontiers. We work closely together with the partner grid operators of our European neighbours. Together, we are making a secure, powerful and barrier-free electricity supply available.

The European supply grid forms the foundation for the deregulated electricity market, guaranteeing every consumer access to electricity at prices in line with the market.

Sustainability entails obligations - working responsibly for mankind and nature

We bear responsibility for the people in our country. Through our work we are ensuring that the economy and society are supplied with uninterrupted vital electricity at all times. In the process, demands on the transmission grid are constantly growing. Wind and solar power are being produced in large quantities in the production centres in Southern and Northern Europe.

This must be transported to the consumer by a powerful transmission grid. Austria thereby has a special importance on account of its central location in the heart of Europe. We must continuously reinforce Austria’s grid if we are to make it fit for the future. We plan and implement our projects in dialogue with the population and in taking responsibility for mankind and nature.

Our paramount goal is the security of electricity supply for all Austrians. .