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33 Million Euros for Regional Security of Supply: Construction Works at Substation Ternitz Completed

Ternitz/Vienna, April 13, 2021: The construction works at the substation Ternitz (Neunkirchen, Lower Austria) are completed. Austria’s transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid (APG) has invested approx. 33 million euros in the refurbishment of the 110kV facility and thus in the security of supply of the industrial areas of southern Lower Austria and the Mürz valley in northern Styria. In addition, a new transformer improves the system stability and reliability for all of Austria and facilitates the integration of green energy in the APG grid.

The substation Ternitz was built in 1965 and needed to be overhauled after many years of operation, while also the overall conditions of the energy sector have changed considerably over the past decades and until 2030 clean green energy is supposed to cover 100 percent of Austria’s energy demand.

Fit for the future within four years

Within the scope of its investment scheme APG has now refurbished the facility and made it fit for the future. APG’s project supervisor Andreas Sommer explains: “Step by step we have replaced the old 110kV switchgear and installed a new state-of-the-art infrastructure. With these measures we considerably improve the energy supply of the region and at the same time contribute to strengthening the area as location for business and industry.” Also the feed of electricity from the APG’s Austria-wide 220kV grid in the local 110kV grids of the regional grid operators (Niederösterreich GmbH and Energienetze Steiermark GmbH) was modernized. Sommer describes the special challenges during the construction period: “To ensure that all consumers were securely supplied with electricity during the four-year construction period, we had to maintain the substation’s operability with the aid of numerous makeshift arrangements.” And he adds: “Due to the corona-related interruption of work in spring 2020, the substation started operation early in April this year, approximately three months later than planned.”

Substation Ternitz: “traffic management system” for the energy transition

For a successful energy transition in Austria renewable forms of energy (like wind power produced in the Weinviertel region in the northeast of Lower Austria) – whose production is subject to great fluctuations due to changeable weather conditions – have to be integrated in the power system in an intelligent way. The substation Ternitz is an important hub in APG’s trans-regional grid and acts as a sort of “traffic management system” for the country’s energy supply as electricity flows in the North-South transmission lines of the Austria-wide 220kV grid are managed and evenly distributed from there. This helps to avoid congestions and ensures the security of supply for the region and all of Austria. With the aid of a 220/110kV transformer, which APG has installed for 3.3 million euros in the context of the modernization project, the connection with the 220kV grid is further enhanced. All over Austria APG will invest approximately 360 million euros in the grid infrastructure in 2021.

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70,000m², more than 6 soccer fields: this is the size of the APG substation Ternitz in Neunkirchen. The newly refurbished 110 kV facility spreads over an area of 26.5 hectares or 2.5 soccer fields.