APG PA - Construction works for new substation Villach Süd completed - (c) APG/Michael Stabentheiner, Arnold Pöschl
Construction Works for New Substation Villach Süd Completed

Austrian Power Grid and Kärnten Netz: Construction Works for New Substation Villach Süd Completed after 2.5 years

Important milestone for the security of supply in Carinthia

As of today the new substation Villach Süd of Austrian Power Grid (APG) and KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH (KNG) is fully energized. The new facility located near Fürnitz is connected both to the regional 110kV grid of KNG and the Austria-wide grid of APG. The project partners have invested 80 million euros in the expansion of the power grid in the greater area of Villach.

All construction works and safety-related tests and inspections of the new 220/110kV substation are completed and the project managers Gernot Kowatsch (KNG) and Wolfgang Ranninger (APG) point out unanimously: “Today’s start of operation is a milestone for the power supply in Carinthia. The substation Villach Süd and the new 110kV connection to the substation Landskron increase the security of supply in the greater area of Villach and thus in the province of Carinthia as a whole.” Safe operation of such an important substation is key and has to be guaranteed from the very first moment. “Over the past months we have put every single control component, every safety function and danger alarm to the test,” explain Kowatsch and Ranninger. Eventually the substation has been started up with a generator of the nearby power plant Rosegg and is now fully operational.

80 million euros for electricity infrastructure in greater area of Villach

APG has built the 220kV part of the facility, including the 220kV switchgear and two 220/110 kV large power transformers (LPTs). Austria’s TSO has invested 30 million euros in the joint venture. Project partner KNG invested approximately 50 million euros in the 110kV side. The total construction time for the new substation comprised two and a half years after the ground-breaking ceremony in the autumn of 2018. The constructors were even able to catch up temporary delays due to the corona crisis.

Regional and Austria-wide grid connection

In a final step at the end of February, APG simultaneously mounted two new 45m pylons in just one weekend to connect the new substation with its Austria-wide high-voltage transmission grid.

A new 110kV double circuit line of KNG runs to the substation Landskron, while the existing 110kV line from Villach to Hermagor was also integrated in the new substation.

Two state-of-the-art 220/110kV transformers, which had already been delivered last September, join the grids of APG and KNG and link the different voltage levels. Installation, assembly and performance checks took approximately six months.

Security of supply for the next decades

Ranninger and Kowatsch emphasize the sustainability of the 80 million investment: “With the substation Fürnitz Carinthia has a third node between the Austria-wide 220kV transmission grid of APG and the regional 110kV distribution grid of KNG. Thus the power supply of all customers in the larger area of Villach and beyond can be secured for the next decades which will strengthen the area as location for business and industry.” Until now there were only two 220/110kV network nodes: the APG substations Malta in the Möll valley and Obersielach near the town of Völkermarkt.

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