APG Welcomes Decision on Grid Reserve in Parliament
Austrian Power Grid (APG) welcomes today’s adoption of the provisions governing the grid reserve (package to amend the Electricity Industry and Organization Act, ElWOG) by Austria’s parliament. APG’s CTO Gerhard Christiner: “This is the most important step to safeguard Austria’s electricity supply system during its transformation into a renewable system. The grid reserve is the necessary ‘safety net’ in the context of this process with the ultimate aim of 100 percent energy from renewable sources. It is indispensable for the security of supply, an interim solution until grid, storage and renewable capacities have been expanded sufficiently.”

Also, APG’s CFO Thomas Karall takes the same line: “The grid reserve secures the short-term availability of production capacities to compensate grid congestions and is thus crucial for the security of supply of Austria as location for business and industry as well as place to live. In addition, the present provisions allow for an expansion of the circle of bidders, which means that also in this respect we will be able to open new paths towards sustainability and market mechanisms.”

Both executives express their gratitude towards all protagonists for having launched the legislative process to adopt the act in due time: “We would like to thank all parliamentary parties, the federal government, social partners, stakeholders of the energy sector and E-Control for their intensive cooperation in the context of the creation of a law aiming at guaranteeing the security of supply in Austria.”

The grid reserve is a safety net that is necessary since to date the transmission line capacities for managing the world of renewables are not (yet) available. In the next ten years alone APG will invest approximately 3.1 billion euros in transmission line expansion and renewal measures. The Salzburg line, Weinviertel line and the development of the central area of Upper Austria figure among APG’s most important investment projects.