Salzburg Line – Key for Security of Supply and Energy Transition

Start of operation in 2025 top priority.For securing the supply of all Austrians and achieving the climate targets a strong transmission grid is indispensable. In this context the Salzburg line is the “key infrastructure project”. It will create the conditions for supplying Salzburg and Austria with electricity from renewable sources in a secure and affordable way.The Salzburg line’s start of operation will create elementary pillars for the energy system of the future: CO2-free power supply for commerce and industry, affordable electricity for people and businesses and the complete decarbonization of the country.

 “The gap caused by the missing Salzburg line already jeopardizes the stable grid operation and makes cost-intensive emergency measures of approx. € 10 million per month necessary. Any further delay of the completion of the line will threaten the security of supply in Salzburg and Austria as a whole, have a negative effect for Austria as location for business and industry and virtually make the energy transition and thus the decarbonization of Austria impossible. APG’s staff members are aware of their responsibility and committed to meet the deadline for the start of operation of the Salzburg line”, emphasizes project spokesperson Fritz Wöber. Currently 200 jobs are directly secured through APG’s construction sites in the province of Salzburg.

In times like these it is particularly important that investments in the infrastructure are rapidly translated into action. In view of the corona crisis every euro that is invested acts like a boost to the Austrian economy. Almost 890 million euros are invested in the Salzburg line, which helps to secure around 7,000 jobs in Austria with around 2,250 jobs in Salzburg alone.

Press images - © Christoph Oberschneider