Strong Grids are the Key for a Successful Energy Transition
Only through sufficient capacities of the electricity infrastructure renewable forms of energy generation can be made available all over Austria.
Wind energy can only reach the consumers via strong transmission grids. In Austria the better part of wind power is produced in the East. However, large accumulations of consumers in the industry sector and the most important pumped-storage hydropower plants are located also in the North, South and West of the country. “If the entire demand for electricity is to be covered by renewables by 2030, a speedy expansion of the grid infrastructure is necessary. If we are not able to achieve this, the energy transition will be jeopardized, because the electricity from renewable sources cannot be distributed all over Austria”, explains Gerhard Christiner, APG’s CTO. Overall a green energy expansion of 27TWh is envisaged in Austria until 2030, with a share of 11 TWh (11.000 MW capacity) from photovoltaics (PV), 10 TWh (5.000 MW) from wind power, 5 TWh (1.250 MW) from hydropower, and 1 TWh (200 MW) from solid biomass. With its electricity infrastructure APG is an important partner of all operators of renewable facilities, in particular wind power plants. Only if there are sufficient capacities of the transmission grids, renewables will be usable in a sustainable way by all Austrians. “To be able to provide the necessary capacities according to plan, we need a speedy implementation of the Salzburg line. Another precondition are rapid approval and planning procedures”, says Thomas Karall, APG’s CFO.