PA media days - ltr.: JürgenHofer, MarcElsberg, GerhardChristiner – Copyright: Horizont Johannes Brunnbauer
APG Considers Media as Partners in Energy Transition

Energy transition will be successful if all key players of society work together. “The Corona pandemic made obvious how important a secure electricity supply is for the population. We are convinced that the same importance has to be given when it comes to successfully implement the energy transition or the measures necessary for it. Only if we act now and do not dispute the necessity of expanding renewables as well as the transmission grids, we will successfully manage the energy transition“, says Gerhard Christiner, APG’s CTO on the occasion of a panel discussion during the Austrian Media Days on the topic: What the world needs now: security, sustainability and responsibility.

ltr: JürgenHofer, MarcElsberg, GerhardChristiner – Copyright: Horizont Johannes Brunnbauer

Gerhard Christiner was joined on the podium by Marc Elsberg (bestselling author), Günther Ofner (Airport Vienna), Peter Umundum (Austrian Mail Service) and Siegfried Meryn (Health.DigitalCity.Vienna) and the presenter Ingrid Thurnher, editorial manager of the ORF III information department. The participants concluded that the three values ‘security’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘responsibility’ have recently gained in importance particularly due to the corona pandemic. Christiner: “The secure energy supply in Austria is a reliable backbone for both society and the economy. During the crisis we were able to ensure an effective and sustainable operational management by implementing comprehensive organizational measures within the company.”

In addition to ensuring the security of supply, reaching the climate and energy targets is the current Herculean task of our society. “We can only be successful in achieving the energy transition if all players truly stand behind the goal and each and everybody makes their contribution in their field. This discussion in particular showed that the media play a very crucial role in this context”, states Christiner.

APG’s currently available grid infrastructure is already at its capacity limits. ”Only if the projects that are currently being in their implementation phase, like the Salzbug line, can be completed as quickly as possible, the energy transition in Austria can be successful – it’s time to act“, emphasizes Christiner.