APG: Electricity comeback proof of economic turnaround: Austria recovering 7 percent
After the relaxation of the corona lockdown measures the electricity consumption in Austria is increasing again. Since the low-point in March with minus 14 percent, Austria’s energy consumption has improved from minus 14 percent to currently minus 7 percent in comparison with last year’s figures.

"This means that we have recovered approximately 50 percent of the deficit. The energy consumption shows that the social and economic lives are recuperating. We are still a good way away from normal consumption, but the curve is pointing in the right direction. This is also reflected in the overall situation of the organization – we have already resumed our grid expansion projects in mid-April. In 2020 we will invest a total of approximately 350 million Euros which will be an impulse for Austria’s economy”, says Gerhard Christiner, APG’s CTO.

Regarding the rest of Europe, tail-end France also recovered from the all-time low: while the minus in the energy consumption ranged around 38 percent in calendar week 14, it improved to about minus 18 percent until June. “Also in Spain we can observe a recovery of the economy when we look at the energy consumption. While in calendar week 15 the low-point of energy demand was minus 25 percent, it climbed to minus 9 percent in June”, states Christiner.

Even though the energy consumption in Austria still ranges below the level of last year, Austria has imported more electricity than it has exported during the corona crisis. This is due to the fact that the streamflows of the run-of-river power plants were unusually low for the season especially in April and May. Therefore the low electricity generation compensated the low consumption to a large extent. In addition, the Europe-wide decrease of consumption caused a severe drop in electricity prices. Due to the low demand and at the same time plentiful supply the wholesale price of electricity was very low with 17.5 Euro/MWh on average.

Dynamic electricity exchange within Austria

APG is the electricity system manager for Austria. It organizes the electricity transport through its infrastructure so that all consumers – households, businesses, and industry – in Austria have exactly the amount of electricity available that they need, whenever they need it. The current figures show the overall dynamics of the amount of electricity that the individual provinces feed into and take from the APG grid. In this context the particularly volatile situation in Burgenland is most striking: on May 3, the province has fed three-times as much electricity into the APG grid (approx. 11 GWh) than it usually consumes on one day (approx. 4,2 GWh) (cf. diagram).

APG is keeping track of the development of the electricity consumption since the beginning of the corona crisis and is regularly publishing diagrams at https://www.apg.at/infografiken regarding the topics: energy exchange, energy consumption in Austria, energy consumption in Europe, import/export, electricity prices etc.