APG: New Software Increases Security of European Power Supply
The transport of electricity is becoming increasingly digitalized. With two new software tools the balance between supply and demand can be even better predicted. “We have developed the software together with our European ENTSO-E partners. A total of 38 European transmission network operators (TSOs) have already been using it since the spring 2020. We have been able to adhere to the go-live schedule despite the corona crisis,” says Tahir Kapetanovic, head of the APG control center. The two tools are called “Outage Planning Coordination” (OPC) and “Short Term Adequacy forecast” (STA) and will simplify the cooperation of TSOs within Europe while at the same time making the power supply in Europe and Austria even more secure.

With the OPC software the involved TSOs can plan power outages on a regional level and thus coordinate maintenance, inspection and project schedules among other things. This ensures uninterrupted energy supply and trade despite necessary shut-downs of facilities.

STA facilitates prognoses regarding load management for planning intervals from one week to one day in advance. This is particularly important in the context of the ongoing energy transition: innovative solutions are necessary to intelligently integrate the eco-friendly but due to weather conditions strongly varying supply of energy from renewable sources into the system and to facilitate an efficient load management also in the future.

Kapetanovic: “The cross-border coordination and intensive cooperation of all national TSOs are the preconditions for a smooth functioning of the power supply across the European Union. By means of such jointly developed tools uniform norms and standards for network operation can truly be implemented into practice.” The go-live of both tools is yet another proof for the well-functioning pan- European cooperation of the European transmission network operators.