Secure Power Supply for the Region:
APG to Invest 30 Million Euros in the Location Ternitz
Ternitz/Vienna: Austrian Power Grid (APG) will renovate the substation Ternitz in Neunkirchen, Lower Austria. The Austrian Transmission System Operator will thus considerably improve the power supply of the industrial quarters located south of Vienna, in Upper Styria and the Mürz valley. In addition, a new transformer will increase the system stability for all of Austria and facilitate the integration of green electricity into the APG grid.


The substation Ternitz was originally built in 1965 and is in need of renovation after long years of service time. In addition, the general circumstances of the energy industry have changed considerably during the past decades, and clean, environmental-friendly electricity is supposed to cover 100 percent of the energy consumption in Austria by 2030.

Substation Ternitz to become fit for the future

In the context of a 30-million euro investment scheme APG will make the substation, which is very much in need of renovation, fit for the future: “Step by step the old 110-kV electricity hub will be replaced by new and appropriate infrastructure. This will considerably improve the electricity supply of the region”, explains APG spokesperson Christoph Schuh. Also the supply of the local 110-kV grids (operated by Niederösterreich GmbH and Energienetze Steiermark GmbH) with power form APG’s trans-regional 220-kV grid will be modernized. Christoph Schuh: “To ensure the security of supply for all consumers during the three-year construction period we will make sure that the substation’s operability is maintained with numerous provisional arrangements.”

The substation Ternitz is an important hub in the trans-regional transmission network of APG. For the energy transition to succeed renewable forms of energy like wind power in the Weinviertel region – which is subject to a lot of variability due to weather conditions – have to be fed intelligently into the system. In Ternitz this is done with the aid of a new 220/110-kV transformer which considerably increases the transformation performance and availability between the new 110-kV substation in Ternitz and APG’s 220-kV network. As one of three phase-shifting transformers in Austria’s 220-kV grid it will regulate the energy flows on the North-South lines and will distribute them evenly in the 220-kV network. Like a traffic management system: overloads will be avoided and a secure energy supply of the region and for all of Austria can be ensured.

Resumption of construction activities after interruption due to corona crisis

The completion of the construction work is scheduled for March 2021. “Currently, and taking other projects into account, we assume that the corona pandemic has delayed our schedule by approximately three months. Originally the construction work was supposed to be finished by December 2020”, says Christoph Schuh. Since mid-April approximately 50 APG construction projects have progressively been resumed under strict compliance with the necessary distance and hygiene rules according to the measures and guidelines defined by the social partners. In 2020 the investment volume of all APG construction projects (network expansion, renovation and maintenance) will total 350 million euros, which is an important impulse for Austria’s economy and will preserve essential jobs all over Austria. All APG projects are key for the successful implementation of the energy transition and indispensable cornerstones for securing Austria’s energy supply.

Photocredit: Christoph Breneis