Austrian Power Grid: Resumption of Construction Activities
To protect the workforce APG had suspended all construction work as of March 16. The new directive issued by the social partners (Protocol governing activities on construction sites in view of COVID-19; German title: Handlungsanleitung der Sozialpartner für den Umgang mit Baustellen aufgrund von COVID-19) as well as the meticulous planning of possible on site work in compliance with the above mentioned directive are now providing the basis for resuming the construction projects. “Our power grid is the lifeline of the Austrian economy. With our projects we make a considerable contribution to start the economy up again. Therefore it is necessary to resume the majority of our construction activities in an orderly manner and in doing so pay particular attention to the directive issued by the social partners as well as to highest standards regarding hygiene, disinfection and distancing measures“, says Christoph Schuh, APG’s corporate spokesperson.

The current investment and expansion scheme comprises approximately 50 construction sites. "Over the past few days we have examined and evaluated every single project. This was a very complex process, but now – after consultation with the individual construction companies – we are ready to resume the majority of our construction activities while strictly adhering to the stipulated safety measures. The protection of our workforce at all our construction sites is the most important guideline for all our decisions", explains Christoph Schuh.