Maximum Transport Capacity for Maximum Security of Energy Supply in Europe
Like the corona virus also the transport of energy does not adhere to national borders. Thus trans-national coordination and intensive cooperation of all national transmission system operators (TSOs) are the preconditions to ensure that lights never go out over Europe.

Uniform rules and standards for grid operation are indispensable. Tahir Kapetanovic, chairperson of the System Operation Committee, the highest decision-making body of ENTSO-E (the umbrella organization of all European TSOs) and head of the APG control center explains: "Exchange of data on a European level is to a large extent automated and based on state-of-the-art EDP-systems. The processed data represent the basis for the planning of the energy transport. Thus we can forecast the energy flows a few hours in advance and, if necessary and in due time, introduce emergency measures, like starting-up power stations, which are coordinated on a trans-national level." Besides a strong grid infrastructure this is the precondition for a secure energy supply in Europe.