Corona virus – electricity consumption
Due to the corona crisis the electricity consumption has noticeably decreased by approximately 10 percent. This means that Austria is completely in step with the rest of Europe. France also reported a decrease of around 10 percent, while in Italy the consumption has even dropped by 20 percent, explained Gerhard Christiner, the CTO of Austrian Power Grid (APG), on Wednesday in answer to an APA query. Austria’s transmission system operator is well prepared for the crisis both regarding its technology and its staff.

In answer to an APA query the Austrian energy regulator E-Control revealed that the consumption figures in individual network areas range 10 to 20 percent below the figures of the previous year.

Large numbers of APG’s staff have been ordered to work from home, the focus is on protecting the employees’ health and maintaining the security of energy supply, emphasizes Christiner. In many instances tasks are fulfilled in teams that are acting separately and have no direct contact with each other, says APG’s CTO.