Austrian Power Grid Will Invest 2.9 Billion Euro in Austria’s Energy Security
At APG the network expansion is planned years in advance and in a comprehensive process. This is necessary due to the long implementation phases to provide the transmission capacities that will be required in the future. In this context it is absolutely essential to realize the projects defined for the next three years (i.e. 2020 to 2022). “Nevertheless, annual approval is necessary since network development planning has to be a transparent and internationally coordinated process where all stakeholders must be included”, explains Christiner. The NDP2019 submitted to the Austrian energy regulator E-Control has just been approved by the regulatory body.
Austria needs electricity that is obvious to everyone. But how does the electricity reach every single one of us, which processes run in the background and what is the role of Austrian Power Grid (APG) in this context? “The transmission network represents the backbone of power supply in Austria and it plays a central role when it comes to security of supply and achieving climate targets”, says Thomas Karall, APG’s CFO. The network development plan (NDP) describes how the transmission network will be expanded in the future. “When we talk about the decarbonization of Austria, electricity from renewable sources of energy plays an important role not only for private households but also for the industry. Currently many industrial processes – like the production of steel, are based on the use of fossil fuels. In the future many energy-intensive industrial and commercial enterprises will switch to electricity from renewable sources”, says Gerhard Christiner, CTO of APG. The network development plan defines the network expansion projects necessary to facilitate the transmission of the required electricity over the next ten years. In addition to the highly important Salzburg line (“Salzburgleitung”), a feed-in concept has been developed for the region of central Upper Austria, which will enable APG to provide a future-oriented 220-kV power supply for the industrial enterprise voestalpine based in this region. In Carinthia the construction of a new substation is projected in the town of Villach since Infineon Technologies AG, a world-leader for semiconductor solutions, has particularly high expectations regarding the quality of power supply.