A 593 tonnes transport on behalf of Austrian Power Grid
On 21 January, 2019, a 220/110 kV transformer was delivered to the substation Obersielach. From the Grafenstein railway station, the 293-tonnes piece was transported on the road for the last 26 kilometers of the route.

The route led via Packer Straße B70 and also through the village of Völkermarkt. Due to its weight of 593 tonnes and its total length of 80 meters, the special transport required precision work and presented the participants with a logistical challenge: A specialised team ensured the smooth and safe operation of the approximately 2.5-hour road trip.

The APG substation in Obersielach supplies the electricity network of Kärnten Netz GmbH and thus a large part of Carinthia’s households and businesses with electricity. One of three large transformers for feeding into the 110 kV network of Kärnten Netz GmbH has to be replaced shortly with a reserve transformer due to a failure. The transformer will be put into operation after the installation and inspection work at the Obersielach substation at the end of February 2019.