Carinthian transformer connected to the grid
The substation in Obersielach in the southernmost Austrian state of Carinthia is an essential component of the nationwide modernisation process, with which TSCNET shareholder APG, the Austrian transmission system operator (TSO), adapts its grid to the high requirements of a sustainable energy future. Last September, a large additional 380/220kV transformer was delivered to Obersielach ‒ due to its heavy weight in three parts – and then it took six months of installation work and extensive functional testing, before the new device could finally be connected to the grid on 26 April 2018. Further upgrade measures at the substation are still pending and completion is scheduled for autumn 2019. Overall, APG is investing round €38m in the operating site.

The Obersielach substation is the most important power hub in Carinthia and one of the largest substations in Austria. The commissioning of the new transformer will not only ensure the regional long-term security of electricity supply, but also improve the use of climate-friendly wind energy by means of interconnecting the wind farms in Upper Austria with the Carinthian pumped storage power plants in Malta and Reißeck. Surplus wind power can thus be transported to these “green batteries” and stored there. If necessary, the electricity can then be retrieved again from the storage power plants. Apart from that, the five largest Carinthian hydropower plants on the river Drau feed directly into the Obersielach substation.

Fotocredit: Erich Varh/APG