Substation upgrade in Carinthia
The Austrian transmission system operator (TSO) and TSC member APG refurbishes and upgrades the electrical substation Obersielach near Völkermarkt in the Austrian state of Carinthia. To adapt the substation to the future demands of the Austrian power grid, APG invests about €38m in the building alterations.

Obersielach is a supra-regional electricity hub and the most important Carinthian feed-in point for electricity from APG’s nationwide transmission grid into the local distribution grid. The upgrade of the substation is necessary in order to maintain supply security in the region. Especially in light of the demands of the energy transition, a high-performing substation in Obersielach has become indispensable: Wind power from eastern Austria, which is not consumed locally, can thus be transported to the “green batteries”, the pumped storage plants in the Alps. In case of need, the stored electricity can then be recalled from the pumped storage plants and fed into the grid.

Excavation and disassembly works have already started in Obersielach. The core of the conversion measures is the installation of a new 380/220kV transformer that will be delivered to the substation in October 2017 and is scheduled for commissioning in the spring of 2018.