How has the electricity consumption in Austria changed since the beginning of the corona crisis? Does the development have an influence on imports, exports or the wholesale electricity price? APG is regularly publishing infographics relating to these and many other questions on this page, and the portfolio is continuously being expanded.

Electricity consumption

Electricity Consumption in Austria year on year - overview

Heat wave causes increase in electricity consumption in June

This year’s June was very hot, the second half of the month in particular was characterized by the first heat wave of the year, which meant more use of air conditioning. In addition, further re-opening steps and longer opening hours for restaurants, cafés, bars and nightclubs also contributed to the increase of the electricity consumption. With 1,194 GWh end of June the demand was four percent above the average of the reference period.

Electricity consumption in Europe since the beginning of 2020

In June differences can be observed in comparison with other European countries: with a plus of four percent Austria ranges relatively high above the reference value. In contrast, Spain (minus 4 percent) and France (minus 6 percent) range a lot below the average value of the years 2017-2019.

Electricity Consumption in Europe preview

Renewable Sources

Anteil Strom aus erneuerbare Energien - Überblick

Run-of-river plants gain momentum

The electricity production from renewables was very good in June. Almost the entire month could be covered 100 percent (on the balance sheet) with sustainable power. Run-of-river power plants contributed the biggest and most important share.

Import / Export

Electricity import/export in Austria since the beginning of 2020

The good production from renewables meant that that Austria was able to export more electricity. The highest value was reached on June 13 with 47 GWh.

Electricity prices


Energy transmission