How has the electricity consumption in Austria changed since the beginning of the corona crisis? Does the development have an influence on imports, exports or the wholesale electricity price? APG is regularly publishing infographics relating to these and many other questions on this page, and the portfolio is continuously being expanded.

Electricity consumption

Electricity Consumption in Austria year on year - overview

Mild March keeps energy consumption down

Also in March the mild temperatures were the substantial factor influencing domestic energy consumption, besides the effects owing to the corona measures. In calendar week 13 the consumption averaged 1,135 GWh, which is seven percent less than the average of the years 2017-2019.

Electricity consumption in Europe since the beginning of 2020

A look at the map of Europe shows that also other countries ranged below the reference values in comparison with the average of the years 2017-19. The difference is most apparent in France (minus 12 percent) and Spain (minus 10 percent).

Electricity Consumption in Europe preview

Renewable Sources

Anteil Strom aus erneuerbare Energien - Überblick

Renewables slightly lagging behind

After a short period between late January and early February, the energy production from renewables in slightly lagging behind that of the reference period in 2020. Especially the run-of-the-river production is currently still weaker than last year’s – this is mainly due to the fact that the big snowmelt has not started yet because of this year’s cooler temperatures. Nevertheless, in calendar week 13 approximately 70 percent of the average consumption in Austria could be covered with green electricity.

Import / Export

Energy import/export in Austria since the beginning of 2020

Just like in the first two months of this year, also in March Austria effectively counted as electricity importing country. The peak import value was reached on March 19 with 67 GWh. The trend continued also during the first days of April.

Electricity prices


Energy transmission