Grid connection regulations

The amended terms and conditions for APG's grid connection were approved by the regulator E-Control Austria on 27 November 2015. These terms and conditions come into effect as of 1  April 2016. 

Legal framework

I) The European legal framework

  • The core of the legal basis is the Electricity Directive for the Single European Market 2003 (2003/54/EC) of the European Parliament and the European Council on common regulations for the single European electricity market, which replaces Directive 96/927EC, and
  • the regulation on conditions for access to the network for cross-border electricity trading (1228/2003).

II) National framework

  • The Electricity Industry and Organisation Act (ElWOG)
  • Regulations on system utilization tariffs can be found in the System Utilization Tariff Directive (SNT-VO).

Technical/organisational framework:

I) General grid conditions

  • The general grid conditions, together with the mandatory legal and regulatory requirements, govern the legal position of APG with regard to the grid connection and grid utilisation.

II) Technical and organisational rules for grid operatiors (TOR)

  • TOR is a multi-part and comprehensive national technical system of rules and standards, developed by Energie-Control GmbH in co-operation with grid operators. The contents of this work are intended equally for all power and distribution grid operators and all grid users.

Operation Handbook of ENTSO-E RG CE (Regional Group Continental Europe)

  • The Operation Handbook (OH) is an updated collection of principles and rules for the operation of the Continental Europe Synchronous Area.