With the enactment of the Eco-Electricity Act BGBl I No. 149/2002, the three Austrian control area managers VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG, TIWAG-Netz AG and VKW-Netz AG were entrusted with the task of processing and administering eco-electricity subsidisation with effect from 1 January 2003. In their role as eco-balance group representatives they were responsible for purchasing the subsidised Austrian eco-electricity, allocating it to the electricity traders and paying the regulated feed-in subsidies. See downloads from that time to the right.

The amendment of the Eco-Electricity Act BGBl I Nr. 105/2006 announced on 27 June 2006 provides for the transfer of eco-electricity activities to an eco-electricity processing/administration company which serves the whole of Austria. This eco-electricity processing/administration company was selected on the basis of a licencing procedure. On 1 October 2006, this company became the legal successor of the eco-balance group representatives and is therefore responsible for the processing and administration of the eco-electricity subsidies throughout Austria from this date. For this reason, APG can no longer provide information relating to the eco-electricity subsidies. Enquiries of this nature should be made directly to the eco-electricity processing/administration company.

Contact details of the new eco-electricity processing/administration company

OeMAG Abwicklungsstelle für Ökostrom AG
Alserbachstrasse 14-16
1090 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)578766-10
Fax: + 43 (0)578766-99

Westabwicklungsstelle für Vorarlberg und Tirol der OeMAG
Gallusstraße 48
A-6901 Bregenz
Tel.: +43 5 787 66-20
Fax: +43 5 787 66-96