Intraday Capacity Allocation

Border Austria <-> Germany
The allocation of capacities for the intraday process takes place exclusively implicitly, i.e. these capacities are made available via the XBID system to the power exchanges and thus also to the market participants.

Border Austria <-> Italy
Intraday capacity allocation on the border Austria <-> Italy has been available since 29 May 2013. Intraday capacities are allocated in auctions performed by JAO.EU. The relevant auction rules and the registration documents are available on the website of JAO.EU.

Rules for Intraday Capacity Allocation on North Italian Borders

Border Austria <-> Switzerland
APG is responsible for the allocation of intraday capacities on the border Austria-Switzerland. Intraday capacities can be obtained directly under the permanently manned telephone number: +43 (0) 50320 - 53230.

Intraday Allocation Rules for the Austrian-Swiss Interconnection

Border Austria <-> Slovenia
The allocation of intraday capacities on the border Austria-Slovenia has been performed by ELES since 5 July 2011. Registration is necessary. Further information can be found in the document Slovenia – Austria Intraday Capacity Access Rules.

Slovenia - Austrian Intraday Capacity Access Rules
Border Austria <-> Czech Republic
Intraday Capacity Allocation on the border Austria <-> Czech Republic is conducted by the TSO of the neighbouring country (CEPS) via the intraday capacity allocation platform Damas.

Trader Guide for Intraday Capacity Allocation and Nomination Procedure in Central and Eastern Europe
Damas-Portal for Trade between Austria and the Czech Republic/Hungary

Border  Austria <-> Hungary
Since 15 June 2012, the intraday capacity allocation platform of CEPS (Damas) also offers intraday capacities for directions Austria <-> Hungary.

Trader Guide for Intraday Capacity Allocation and Nomination Procedure in Central and Eastern Europe
Damas portal for Trade between Austria and the Czech Republic/Hungary


Intraday capacity allocation on all borders and in all directions managed by APG is subject to the successful confirmation by the control area operator of the target or source control area (matching), respectively.

The capacities for intraday changes on congested borders are checked before the schedule notification is confirmed. For this purpose it is necessary to acquire capacity rights (Capacity Agreement Identification) on the respective capacity platforms.

Please note: Information concerning the availability of intraday capacities on the border AT-CH can be obtained directly from our Grid Economics (see contact box) once the intraday cross-border nomination gate opens. According to the stated availabilities, there exists the possibility, in line with the "first-come, first-served" principle, for each balance group responsible to notify the available intraday capacities by forwarding of an intraday schedule to APG.

The detailed process of the notification of intraday capacity usage is thus as follows:

  1. The sending of the schedule to APG and the control area operator in the respective country by the balance group responsible. The time of receipt by APG is decisive as to who receives the capacities ("first-come, first-served").
  2. Matching with neighbouring control area operator, taking into consideration point 1 and NTC
  3. Sending of the confirmation to the balance group officer

Organization of intraday trading

The organization of intraday trading is described in the authorized Electricity Market Code, chapter 3, from the Energy Control Commission or Energie Control GmbH.

All time series within a schedule message related to the same neighbouring control zone shall be considered as corresponding if the header attributes "in party“, "out party“, "capacity agreement identification“ and "capacity contract type“ are identical.

All quantity values of these corresponding time series must be netted per position – this means that only one time series value (import or export) may have a quantity higher than 0MW per position.