Participation Rules for Offerers

The Participation Rules for Offerers are contained in detail in Chapter 3 ‘Requirements for Participation in the Tendering Process’ of the General Terms and Conditions.

By completing the form Expression of Interest in Annex 1 of the General Terms and Conditions, the offerer expresses an interest in participating in the tender, provides the relevant data for the clearing and settlement, and declares that it acknowledges and accepts the legal, contractual and organisation provisions on the execution of auctions.

Another form, Membership in an Austrian Balance Group, is contained in Annex 3 of the General Terms and Conditions. With this form, the offerer gives the information needed for the organisation of the clearing and delivery of energy to compensate grid losses should the offerer be awarded the bid.

Apart from the General Terms and Conditions, the EFET Standard Contract, Version 2.1(a)/September 21, 2007 with the related Election Sheet to the EFET General Agreement constitutes the contractual basis between offerers and APG.

"Letter of Comfort" may be provided to increase the available trading limit after the evaluation.

Please send the documents required for the application to take part in the tender for the procurement by APG of electricity to cover grid losses to:

Austrian Power Grid AG
UMM/Electricity Procurement
Subject: Grid Losses
Wagramer Straße 19, IZD Tower
1220 Vienna

Access to APG’s Tender Tracking System (TTS)

In order to be able to participate in APG's call for tenders, access to APG's Tender Tracking System (TTS) is necessary. For this, the company must first obtain authorisation to participate in an APG tender bidding and be registered in the TTS by means of a reference data sheet. In order to apply for personal access to the TTS, the employee reference data sheet, filled out and signed, must be forwarded to APG.

After successful registration, APG will send you all data and technical resources necessary for access to the TTS. Further information on the TTS and its use can be found in the TTS user's manual.