Tenders for Procurement of Grid Losses in APG Control Area

Austrian Power Grid AG handles the market procurement of grid losses for most of the transmission grid operators in Austria.

The most important information regarding the procurement of loss energy can be found on this page.

Participation conditions

See Participation Rules for Offerers. All legally binding documents are published under this link.

Tendered products

Yearly, quarterly and monthly products for base and peak times respectively up to two years in advance.

Volume put out to tender

Mostly several 10s of megawatts per tender; total of approx. 3 TWh per year.

Minimum and maximum bid

The minimum bid is 1 MW. Bids in excess of 1 MW can be submitted in full MW increments. The supplier can bid up to their credit limit.

Tendering platform

The tenders take place exclusively via the electronic tendering platform.

When do the tenders take place?

The bidding period is normally on Thursdays from 10:00 to 10:30. Tenders do not take place in December, in the first half of January or when the Thursday falls on a public/church holiday.

Award procedure

At the end of the bidding period the bids are ranked by price – starting with the cheapest bids – until the total volume of power required is reached. These bids are accepted, though acceptance of the last (= most expensive) bid may be restricted to ensure that the tender quantity is not exceeded. If the prices of two bids are identical, preference is given to the bid that was placed first.

Suppliers whose offers are successful will receive the price they quoted, i.e. a "pay as bid" approach is adopted.

Schedule processing

A special balance group of APG that was established specifically to cover grid losses acts as purchaser on the market. For suppliers of loss energy whose offer was accepted during the tender procedure, this is a standard electricity supply transaction. APG handles the further distribution of energy to operators of grids in which losses occurred by way of schedules.

Procurement of short-term energy deficits

As part of the daily day-ahead energy procurement on the spot market, APG is active on EXAA as well as on EPEX SPOT. This is so that the required amount of grid losses can be completely fulfilled.

For this purpose APG concluded a contract (Framework Agreement for the procurement of short-term energy deficits) about a replacement purchase with interested suppliers for grid losses. In the context of this contract, APG procures replacement purchases if required. Details about the rules of procurement of short-term energy deficits can be found in the Framework Agreement. Information about the purchases and the results can be found in the download box.