Short-term Procurement Process for Grid Losses in APG Control Area

The participating grid operators send the short-term forecast data (KFPD) of their balance groups for grid losses to APG on every working day by 9:30am. The data, which is sent in ESS format, is valid for the following day in each case following Sunday and/or public holiday(s). It is the same schedule that must also be sent to the balance group coordinator (by 2:30pm). APG cumulates these schedules and calculates a delta schedule from the short-term forecast data minus the quantities already procured (BBVE). Should the required short-term forecast data of APG fail to be available on time, then backup strategies take effect to replace the missing data as best as possible.


According to the existing delta schedule, the relevant power is procured or sold short-term for the following day(s). This difference is exchanged via market orders or limit orders through an electricity exchange (e.g. EXAA, EPEX).

After the balancing procurement process has been completed, the schedules are prepared for the following day(s).