Tariff model in Austria

To cover the operating and maintenance costs that are incurred, the grid operator charges all grid users a fixed tariff for transporting the electricity. This tariff is fixed by ordinance by E-Control, the Austrian electricity regulator, on the basis of the voltage level.

The amount of the tariff is determined in such a way that all the costs of the grid operator, i.e. those costs that are recognised by the regulator, are covered.

The grid can therefore be seen as a marketplace where the customer can freely select their energy supplier. The energy that is consumed is billed directly by the energy supplier, who, in contrast to the grid companies, is exposed to free competition.

Within the framework of setting the grid tariffs, the Austrian electricity grid was divided into seven levels starting with grid level 1, which comprises the 220 kV and 380 kV grids of APG, TIWAG-Netz AG and VKW-Netz AG. These are followed by the 110 kV grids right down to the 400 V grids, to which most end consumers (e.g. households) are connected.

Grid level

Nominal voltage


Extra-high voltage (380 kV and 220 kV), including 380/220-kV transformation


Transformation of extra-high to high voltage


High voltage (110kV, including plants with an operating voltage between more than 36 kV und 220 kV)


Transformation from high to medium voltage


Medium voltage (with an operating voltage between more than 1 kV up to and including 36 kV as well as intermediate transformation)


Transformation from medium to low voltage


Low voltage (1 kV and below)

Grid operators are also liable to pay utilisation fees to other grid operators. The costs that are incurred are factored in when determining the tariff for the utilisation of a grid through other grids or end consumers and therefore only represent a transitory item for the grid operators.

The tariff for the utilisation of APG's first grid level is made up of several components: gross tariff, net tariff (net work or net output), loss tariff, system service tariff, tariff for reactive power

You can find the current tariffs here: