Unintentional Deviation

For control-related reasons, deviations occur between the target values and the actual values during the exchange of energy between neighbouring electricity grids. Unintentional deviation in the APG control area is the volume of energy that the APG control area unintentionally takes from or supplies to the transmission grid of the Regional Group Continental Europe (RGCE). In accordance with ENTSO-E, the excess volumes of energy that were taken or supplied must be redelivered in the following week on the basis of defined tariff times.

The volumes of unintentional exchange in one week are valued on the basis of the tariff times and compensated in the following week in the form of a base-load delivery using a compensation programme. In the APG control area, these energy deliveries are procured or sold via EXAA and EPEX SPOT.

Due to the stipulations in the market rules for the balancing energy market, the prices and volumes of unintentional deviation – this being a partial component of the total balancing energy – are not published until the following month. They can be found under www.apcs.at (German only).